New Subscription plugin for Sobipro will be released very soon

A native sobipro subscription plugin allow you offer unlimited subscription plans to user without modifying your template. There is a simple subscription template offered by sobipro but you need to modify your multiple files in template and must have knowledge for xsl template system which is not quite easy to understand.

So I a came with the subscription plugin which will offer two types of subscriptions without modifying your template files.

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Translate Language String in default value of jfield Joomla

Recently I was developing the Magic Scroller Plugin for Virtuemart also called ajax infinite pagination. It requires some html content to be entered by user. So a textarea field is added in plugin manifest file.But it also needs to be prefilled with some html content, so that user can easily understand how to change content. I entered a language string in the default value and saved it as shown below in code

editor="false" rows="3" cols="50"

Now I refreshed the backend , and to my surprise the html content is not there, instead the language string PLG_CONTENT_VM_MSCROLL_LOADING_HTML_VALUE is prefilled there. Label and description attribute of field are sucessfully translated but not the default value.

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